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The Golden Lagoon LP Launch

This experiential installation, created to celebrate King Lagoon's album 'The Golden Lagoon' was designed to overwhelm every sense, transporting all who entered into the realm of the Lagoon. Interactive audio triggers created a lagoon soundscape in 360 degree surround sound, specially commissioned molecular gastronomy saw the audience try a plethora of otherworldly tastes and textures, a combination of static and interactive projections covered almost every surface, and a trained Aroma Wizard concocted scents for the duration of the event. The basement level represented under the water of the lagoon, with live oil projections, sea creature sculpting, audio from above ground effected and reproduced as it would be heard through water, and a secret 'spirits of the undergoon' experience. Musicians were programmed to respond artistically to the landscape, performing along with the triggered sounds. Images and videography by

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