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Postal Posse at Boomtown

The Postal Posse deliver post between citizens across the site, programme a line up of DJ's from 12:00 until 02:00 every day of the festival, and design countless interactive elements within the venue. The Postal Posse is also a part of the festival's Immersive Maze. As Theatrical Manager of the Postal Posse venue, I attend workshops with the core Boomtown team to design the core narrative, design and produce the Postal Posse's part of the story in line with that narrative, design the gamified elements, cast and rehearse performers and manage the theatrical elements on site. In 2019 we circulated radioactive post, sent secret messages via RGB light spectrum code, employed audience as postal workers in our chaotic sorting office, and funnelled citizens into our secret post testing laboratory. Images and videography by

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