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Future Zen Puppetry

Puppet Alan Watts was the first Future Zen puppet created with designer Myra Stuart. Through puppets, Future Zen revived cosmic thinkers with life-changing ideas. Alan mimes recordings of the original talks rather than reciting them in a comical voice, giving the performance an uncanny sense of weight. Puppet Alan Watts performed at Larmer Tree, Festival 23 and Willowman Festival.

"The real you is not a puppet, which life pushes around. The real deep down you is the whole universe." - Alan Watts

Puppet Alan Watts has his own Facebook page and YouTube channel

The Smell of Burnt Almonds

Puppet Alan Watts gives a talk on the sense of wholeness one can feel going under anaesthetic for Future Zen TV


Commissioned for Theme as part of performance project 'The Wishing Machine', Puppet William Burroughs speaks directly to audience members, engaging in conversation with them using cut-up samples of his recorded voice. In this way, he guides workshops on the cut-up technique - favoured by Burroughs - as a means to create textual work. Made mainly of newspaper, he keeps his own secrets under the skin.

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