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New Moon Transmission #1

So much happening in the world of online events right now! As I take stock of everything on the new moon, I'll share what's happening with you at the same time.

Stuff I'm working on...

Jury Games

As lockdowns continue to ripple across the globe, online experiences are still in demand and Jury Duty - the theatrical game I helped design back in April - continues to run. With a tonne of 5 star reviews and a fully interactive story controlled by the audience, I'm really proud of this one. Tickets available here. I have returned to the game to host some of the performances, so maybe see you there! Keep an eye out for Jury Duty 2 which we are currently developing.


If playing judge, jury and executioner seems a bit heavy for now, check out Buck Buck, my favourite silly people in the digital field. I'm coming on board to host BantzQuest; the Dungeons and Dragons/lads night out hybrid (I'm especially excited as this was designed by the man behind Boomtown's Mr Bliss). I'm developing a new nonsense Olympics game for them now which I tested last week - watch this space for that!

Check out all their games here.

Super Nothing Amazing Channel

...or SNAC for short, is the channel I set up with other members of Boomtown's Postal Posse and Job Centre, during the darkest days of lockdown. Every month, we've been broadcasting a mix of live interactive weirdness, high-concept DJ sets and surreal video content live on Twitch. Our next stream is a Black Friday, Everything Must Go special, where everything will be up for sale, including the channel! Info on the next event here.

(This is a DIY community channel, if you want to contribute please email

In Place Of War

Very pleased to be working as streaming wizard for the IPOW Change Maker Summit. Check out all the events here, and come to some, they are free and hugely inspiring!


I've been working with HireSpace to provide fun, magic and mayhem for their events, designing virtual karaoke bars, haunted waiting rooms (for Halloween, of course) and other such oddities. If you're looking for an epic experience for your staff, check them out here.

Other Cool Stuff

Co.Reality Parties

I've been having an excellent time with the Co.Reality Collective, the Sparkly online universe responsible for the first Zoom parties of Lockdown. They've come a long way from the lo-fi but well loved disco's back in March, and are now putting on huge online events with multiple rooms all over maps of fantastical imaginary landscapes. Fancy a hot tub party from the comfort of your own bath? Or maybe a go in the karaoke booth? Check them out, they do parties every month.


If you're into playing the long game when escaping reality, there's a huge durational alternate reality game kicking off in Instagram. From the team that developed the Boomtown Storyline, Pictures of Gwen is looking to something extra-magic. Taking a new tact from classic ARGs (as much as I love a murder mystery) Pictures of Gwen promises to feature zero violence. Check it out here.

If you're interested in any of these projects, want to get involved, or just chat through the how's, where's and why's of online event stuff, drop me an email

Happy New Moon everyone, keep on making the best of murky times <3

Megan xxx

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