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photograph 2019 Summer Dean 

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Megan Clifton

I write and produce multimedia interactive experiences. 

In the physical realm, I am Head of Narrative at Boomtown Fair and Narrative Consultant for Wake the Tiger Amazement Park. In my spare time I run a live-streaming TV-themed theatre venue at Balter Festival and an interactive theatrical game at Shambala Festival.

In the digital realm, I've created work for Sparkle, Yum Tum, Co Reality Collective, , Digital Burning Man, Jury Games, Kriya Arts, Rogue Beacon, and for my own company, Cosmic Joke Productions. My flagship game, Wizards Against Lizards, has received great reviews from No Proscenium and Room Escape Artist.

My work is live, online and hybrid, in the form of theatre, game and party. I've created longform narratives over months, and 'one-night-only' happenings. I create strange and beautiful environments and scenarios, treating the ridiculous with reverence to empower the audience to be and say things they could never do in 'normal' life.

I live in Bristol, am always happy to travel, I thrive on juggling multiple projects at once and would love to hear about yours

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