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Hi! I'm Megan Clifton, a designer of experiences specialising in interactive narrative and multi-media work. I've produced hidden worlds, immersive parties, theatrical adventure games, enhanced live music experiences and augmented reality phenomena.. I am to tell vibrant, responsive stories, sometimes deadly serious, sometimes utterly ridiculous; always human.

Pre-Covid, I brought Wizards Against Lizards to Brighton Fringe Festival and Shambala Festival. I am the theatrical director of the Postal Posse venue at Boomtown Fair and have also created work with The Southbank Centre, Gaggle, Brighton Dome, Bearded Kitten, Tate Modern, Larmer Tree Festival, BBC Sussex and Hillingdon Music Hub.


Whilst in lockdown I created interactive live-stream broadcasts for the Co.Reality CollectiveBoomtown Fair, Burning Man, the Super Nothing Amazing Channel and King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band, as well as helping to develop award winning Zoom theatrical game Jury Duty for Exit Productions, hosting weekly performative moon rituals as part of the ACE Funded La Luna Coven project and weekly Happy Hardcore aerobics classes.

I live between Brighton and London, am always happy to travel, I thrive on juggling multiple projects at once and would love to hear about yours